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17 Traditional Telugu Sweets for Festivals and Occasions

1. Rava Laddu

Rava Laddu is one of the tasty and easiest sweet to make on festival days and occasions. Everyone loves the aroma of this sweet and tastes delicious. It is made with rava (sooji / semolina), pure ghee, sugar and coconut decorated with dry fruits.

2. Bobbatlu

This is a special sweet mostly made on Ugadi day (Telugu New Year). This sweet is popular in Andhra Prasesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Gujarat. This sweet has different names in different states like bobbatu in Telugu States, Holige in Karnataka and so on. There are different variations of this sweet like Ghee Bobbatu, Kobbari (Coconut) Bobbatu - Stuffed with coconut, Dry fruit Bobbatu - Stuffed with dry fruits.

3. Ariselu



Ariselu is a traditional sweet made during festivals like Sankranthi, Dusshera, Diwali etc. This Sweet popular in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Its popular in south Indian all states as well except in kerala. The main ingredients to make this delicious dish is Jaggery / Sugar, Ghee and Rice flour.

4. Putharekulu


Pootharekulu / putharekulu is a must have sweet originated from Atreyapuram in Andhra Pradesh. This is well known as papre sweet in south states of India. This has different variations like  Sugar Pootharekulu - Stuffed with Powdered Sugar, Bellam Pootharekulu -Stuffed with Jaggery and Dry fruit Pootharekulu - Stuffed with Dry fruits.

5. Paramannam


Paramannam is mostly made in telugu states during festivals like Sankranthi (Pongal), VaraLakshmi Vratham and Diwali. This has different names in different parts of the state like annam payasam, bellam paramannam, Ksheerannam etc,. This is Creamy Sweet made with Rice, Milk, Ghee and Dry fruits.

6. Kajjikayalu


Kajjikayalu is a Traditional Telugu Sweet made mostly on Festival times. This sweet is crispy outside and filled with delicious coconut powder, semolina, sugar and dry fruits inside.

7. Gavvalu


 Gavvalu (Sweet Shells) is a Festival sweet in Andhra Pradesh made with Sugar / Jaggery, Water / Milk and Flour. Even this sweet has different variations like Sugar Gavvalu - Made with sugar, Bellam Gavvalu - Made with Jaggery and Karam Gavvalu - Tastes very Spicy. 

8. Burelu


 Burelu / Boorelu is a delicacy of Andhra. This Sweet is made during all the festivals and Telugu weddings. This delicious sweet is made Chana dal and Jaggery.

9. Kakinada Kaja

 Kakinada Kaja

 Kakinada Kaja is a traditional and delicious sweet in Andhra. This Sweet is Crispy outside and juicy inside. 

10. Sunnundalu


 Sunnundalu is an Aromatic Andhras Famous and healthy Laddu made with Roasted and Powdered Urad Dal, Cardamom Seeds and Powdered Sugar / Jaggery. This Sweet has two variations Sugar Sunnundalu - Made using Powdered Sugar, Belllam Sunnundalu - Made using Jaggery. This is majorly prepared during festival times like Deepavali, Holi etc., 

11. Gulabilu


 Gulabilu / Roja Puvvulu / Gulabi Puvvulu is  a  crunchy Andhra special Cookies made during kids vacation times. 

12. Bandar Laddu

Bandar Laddu

 Bandar Laddu is a Sweet produced in Bandar (Machilipatnam) of Andhra Pradesh. This is most popular Andhra sweet which is smooth that melts in mouth.

13. Panchadara Chilaka

 Panchadara Chilaka

 Panchadara Chilaka is a special and traditional sweet for all house hold functions. 

14. Kobbari Kova

 Kobbari Kova

 Kobbari Kova is a Traditional sweet made with Kova Laddu stuffed with Coconut and Jaggery filling. This tastes delicious and made mainly during all festivals.

15. Nuvvula Undalu

 Nuvvula Undalu

 Nuvvula Undalu / Nuvvula Laddu is very healthy sweet made with Sesame seeds and  jaggery. This is a traditional snack of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

16. Kobbari Undalu

 Kobbari Undalu

 Kobbari Undalu or Coconut Laddu or Kobbari Louz is a Traditional Sweet which has the aroma of roasted coconut made mainly during occasions and festivals.

17. Kobbari Achulu

 Kobbari Achulu

Kobbari Achulu or Coconut Burfi is a Traditional Sweet made in Andhra Pradesh and telangana made using coconut and Sugar.

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